Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Future Cub Scout

Micah has been working hard at learning all the sayings and quotes that he needs to know for Cub Scouts.  He is doing a great job!  (And he even has a great mom who got all of his patches sewed on just before his meeting last night...good job to me)

Anyone who has more than one kid knows that the youngest child likes to mimic and be part of a group...just like they were in it themselves.  Sid is in AHG...very similar to Girl Scouts.  Micah is now in Cub Scouts.  Quinn...ummm...he thinks that he is in Cub Scouts.

Last night Micah was practicing one of the sayings..."I, Micah Williams, promise to ..."

Here is Quinn's version (word for word)..."I, Micah Williamson, promise to..."  and also "I, Micah Wilson, promise to..."

Each time.  So funny!

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