Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 6th

I did it! Week 1 is done. I am super dee-duper excited to start week 2! I really am...that was not a sarcastic comment and I know you can't really tell in the blog. :)

Here are my thoughts when I see a picture like this.
I can't do this. There is no way that I can do that. How can I do that without falling off? People can really do that?

I thought that I would fall off the ball over and over and never be able to accomplish this exercise. I knew that this exercise was on the schedule for today and as every other day, I was a little bit nervouse about this one exercise. The others on my list I have tried before and knew that I would be able to handle them. This was the new one though for me today and it just brought the anxiety out of me all over again.

I did fall off...but only once. I was able to do this exericse the other 19 times without a problem. Why was I so worried? Where was my confidence? I've done much harder things. Why am I always so worried about the unknown?

Today's workout was a combo of some different things...
1) swiss ball supine hip extension leg curl (the picture above)
2) dumbbell 3 point row
3) corkscrew
4) four point plank
5) finish with intervals

Week 2 starts bright and early on Monday morning. I am ready. I'm not only ready but I am excited. I know that my anxiety of the unknown won't be as high because the exercises I am doing this week are the same as what I did last week. I already know that I can do them.

I do have a few challenges for myself this week.
1) start my food log. I have the I just have to actually write things down.
2) keep on my asthma meds to help keep from having a flare up (Rochester doesn't have the best air quality at times and this past weekend I could even see the haze in the sky...not good for those with asthma)
3) work on having healthy meals for our family at supper. With our schedules this can sometimes be the biggest challenge of all, as with most American families. If I find a recipe that is both healthy and one that my family likes...I'll post it for you too.
4) Push myself with the weights. Last week I became familiar with what I could do...this week I am pushing myself to see what I really can do.

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