Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Big Announcement

Ok...before I make the big announcement I just had to include this little bit of 2 cents from my thinking brain.

Who in their right mind uses a potty chart with Justin Bieber on it? When I saw this on the internet I was not only shocked but a little sad for the mom that thought they needed to use this for their child. Who is more obsessed with Justin Bieber? The child or the mom who wants to be thinks she is a teen again? That might be a bit on the harsh side but come on moms...will your 2 year old be inspired to use the potty because of that teenage boy on the chart?

I am proud to say that my kids don't even know who Justin Bieber is. Although I know that they won't stay blinded from what is going on in the world, I am going to make sure that they see and know good things while I still have some leverage in their little lives. Do we listen to some songs on the radio? Yes. I am sure that my kids have heard a Justin Bieber song but they wouldn't know that it was him singing it. I use a lot of the songs that are on the radio at the gym because they have a really good beat. The Christian music scene, or at least most of it, would probably put me back to sleep while I am on the elliptical at 5am. The other Christian songs that have a great beat scare me just a little bit and aren't quite my style.

What I am trying to say though this 2 cents post is that I am not going to get my kids to start idolizing the media, celebrities, the popular toys, etc. sooner than I want. They are all growing up too fast already and having parents initiate or continue with this craze that our world needs stuff and to be "in" with this stuff is just out of control and crazy. Let your kids be kids. Let them find sticks and build something, ride their bikes, go for a walk, write a something that doesn't require the picture of a famous person or show on tv. I am sure that you could find a sticker chart that has a rainbow on it or some other picture that isn't one that is from a popular tv show or celebrity.

Better is a challenge for you. Go to a pre-school, to a mall, somewhere where there are kids. Look at what they are wearing, using, have on their backpacks, etc. How many of those kids are wearing or using something that has a person, word, picture or something from a tv show or celebrity?

Now for the big announcement.

Drum roll, please..... (you need to make that sound with your hands on your legs so we have the added effect here people)...

We are now free of diapers!

Quinn is officially potty trained. He has been dry day and night for over a week now and I am going to call this a success. Finally.

What would I attribute this final success to?


Quinn wore these once and he hated them so much that just the treat of having to wear plastic pants made him stay dry...I think. (It may also have been because his big brother and big sister told him that he was wearing a bag when he put them on too and he started screaming, "I don't want to wear a bag!" whenever I said he had to wear plastic pants)

Good job, Quinn! I knew you wouldn't end up going to Kindergarten still in diapers but there were days when I really wasn't too sure. :)

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