Thursday, September 29, 2011

Back to School! have been back in school for almost a month now. Yes...I haven't put up back to school pictures yet. Yes...I am a busy mom :)

Now you can experience my kids' back to school photos with a refreshed look that isn't clogged with viewing all the other back to school photos that were swarming Facebook and the blogs a few weeks ago (or over a month ago for some of you).

Enjoy my cute, little (and not so little) kids!

Side Note #1: My kids were running to the bus in that last picture. They aren't running as much any more :)

Side Note #2: The kids get to pick out a new outfit 2 times each is for Easter and the other is for the first day of school. Micah picked out an orange shirt from Old Navy and Sid picked out a dress with some leggings.

Side Note #3: The kids are enjoying school but they are very tired by the end of the week. Micah is adjusting to the longer days but says that he really misses me during the day. Sid is mostly adjusting to making friends, finding her niche and the amount of homework that she has this year compared to last year.

Side Note #4: Sid is in 4th grade and is in the 4/5 class with Mickey at Lincoln. ( Lincoln they do things a bit different and one of those is that some of the teachers want to be called by their first names.) Micah is in 1st grade with Jane. He also has a student teacher for a few months that is a pretty well known face around Kingdom Kids and the CCC hallways. It was so excited to see her in Micah's classroom when we went to meet the teacher. Jane is great but the dual of both of them is just perfect! Quinn...he wants to be in school and actually started AWANA this year. He thinks that is his school.

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