Tuesday, January 4, 2011

update on Dad, Tuesday, January 4th

Dad is doing very well. He is still in the ICU (or CCU as the hospital calls it). There is a chance that he will be going home today. The doctors haven't made that decision yet but there is some talk that he might be on his way out of the hospital.

I did talk with dad and he is very upbeat and sounds really good.

As I am very excited and glad that my dad is doing well, my heart is breaking for a family and a friend of mine. A friend from high school has been in a coma since Sunday night and is one door away from my dad in the same area of the hospital. I got several phone calls last night about her and her condition and as I was hearing all this I knew that my family was sitting in the same waiting area as her family. My mom did see my friend this morning and has talked with the family and things don't look very good. There is very little brain activity and after getting CPR her heart did start again but they think that her brain was without oxygen for too long. I sat next to this friend every day throughout high school...she has 3 kids. If you have a moment...send a prayer for Terri, her husband and her kids.

As we were visiting my family's church this past weekend, the pastor talked about this New Year and how God does have a plan for everything. I do understand that and know that there is always a reason for everything. I have seen it happen before with my sister. I didn't want to lose my sister but He had a different plan. I did lose a sister to cancer but a few years later, I gained 3 more sisters and 4 brothers!

I was sad about my dad's situation but was at peace with whatever God decided to do. I knew that this was all out of my control and I had to leave it all to Him. But, it is hard to understand why this mom has to be taken away from her kids.

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