Monday, July 5, 2010

Update on Dad...June 2010

Dad is doing really well. He came home just before our kids went to stay at their house :) He was in for a real treat with three additional kids...three active and fun little kids!

Dad does have lots of doctors appointments checking on different things...his foot and how it is healing, he has had difference tests to see how his pituitary gland is doing and tested to make sure that he also didn't have a tumor there. He has had bone scans as well as many other things. He does have a doctor that is treating him for his issue around his groin area and this doctor is from the Des Moines area that comes up to see my dad in Fort Dodge. To treat his illness he is having chemo treatments and they started the week that my mom was gone in Alaska. He is on steriods as well and that just messes up with your sleep systems so he was having many nights of almost no sleep as he has been on this medicine. He has been feeling pretty good...just an adjustment to this new routine that he now has. Hopefully this will take care of this illness.

On a good note...his foot is healing very well! He uses a wheelchair in the house to get around but can be up to walk a little bit and is watching what he eats pretty closely to help with his diabetes.

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