Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Magic fingers

Our weekend adventures led me to paint our front door...well, not exactly. It did need a fresh coat of paint though since it was peeling and the previous color was an extremely dirty white.

This past weekend was the Williams Family Golf Outing. This year we went to Appleton, Wisconsin to John and Mary's house. We had a blast and the kids did very well on their mini-golf experience too. We went to a farmer's market and the kids had their favorite...sugar snap peas. They truly love these! We got to see lots of family too that we don't get to see very often...the little boys are growing up and so are the cousins!

On Friday, I had to work and as I was working I was packing and getting everything ready for the trip. We had everything packed, kids were in the car and I just had one more thing to grab from inside. Unfortunately, someone who is about the age of 2 decided to lock the door that is between the house and garage. We never lock this door and had already locked all the other doors so this became a problem since Chris and I never carry the keys for our house. Chris tried to shove the door open like you see people do in the movies but it turned out to be harder than he thought and it didn't really budge. We left for the weekend knowing that when we came back we would need to figure out a way to get in to the house.

We did manage to get back in the house...just had to buy new hardware for the door. We are just doing a mini-makeover on the front of the house as a result of the 2 year old and his magic fingers. We now have a beautiful wine colored front door and will have some shutters to match once we get those ordered.

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The McCutcheons said...

We have gone on two vacations and returned...to find that our neighbors locked us out...and left on their own vacation. We had to have another neighbor drill through our locks to get in...and naturally...we ALL had to use the bathroom and couldn't get into the house. It was so BAD!

I also have had cans of black paint...waiting for our front and garage door. It will be done soon...I hope! :)