Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My day

I wanted to write down all the different things...or at least some of the things that I have done today to help remind myself when I am older what my days were like with little ones...

.got up and took a shower. talked with Micah and Sid...did they eat breakfast? Got Sid's clothes out for school (her taste isn't always the best). Watched as Micah got up on the counter to get a bowl out. Thought to myself that I should probably just move the kids' bowls down before Micah falls and breaks something. That's not happening today. First day care kid arrives...my work day has started. Got breakfast for day care kid and Quinn who is now awake. Sid needs snack and her hair brushed. Will she remember on her own today to brush her hair? Sid needs her wart medicine done...first she has to soak her hands in water for about 5 minutes. Water in a bucket and she has it and is now soaking. Second day care kid is now here. Hasn't had breakfast although it is now 7:55am...this child wants me to take their shoes off but they can do it themselves. This is something I get to work on every morning with this child..."No, you know how to take off your shoes...you try, I'll go get your breakfast." Quinn needs to get dressed and is now running around with a dirty diaper and hasn't been changed yet. Put Sid's medicine on her, now it has to dry. Glad I told her to get dressed already. And nope, Sid didn't remember to brush her hair...have to remind her again before she walks out the door. Give Sid hugs, tell her to have a great day and she is off for her 2nd to last Tuesday of her 2nd grade life. We have no milk...text Chris to see if he can pick some up on his way home from his morning meeting. Got Quinn dressed...yep, he was poopy. Kids finish up a show while I finish up some day care paperwork. This always takes me longer than I had planned.

Kids and I get our shoes on and head outside...it is now 8:45am. Kids put the cones out by the driveway to keep our driveway safe from parents thinking that they can still drive up the driveway while we are playing. Bad...bad idea! We water the plants on the side of the house. I fill up bucket after bucket and the kids are just so anxious to put that water on the plants. They are great helpers. Another day care friend arrives while we are outside. We are now at 5 kids including my boys. Our day care friends across the street say hi...they invite us over to play but we are still waiting for some friends to arrive. We finish watering plants, kids play catch and with the cars for a bit. 9:30am...other friends still haven't arrived. I put a note on the door and we go for a walk. We get back to the house about 10:00am...kids run to the backyard. Other day care friends arrive as we get home...my mediation skills are now on high alert. While one parent drops off their child that is screaming, the kids playing all decide they want the same toy. Of course, while I have to take care of one child, the others have to revolt. The rest of our hour outside is spent with me either putting someone in timeout or redirecting where a child is heading since I know what they are thinking...I want the toy that my friend over there has. We didn't have as much hitting today as we did last week...that's a good thing. :) 10:30am...feed the baby. 10:50...kids start picking up the toys outside. This doesn't go so well for one of them...this child isn't wanting to listen no matter what or how I saw it so...this child now gets to pick up all the toys. Rest of the day care sits on the steps and waits for me to finish up with her. They are listening really well right now! Child picking up is throwing a fit, kicking and screaming while I get 6 pairs of little shoes off and wash hands. Kids are getting ready for their show while I get lunch ready.

The rest of my day consisted of having to wash our floors because someone peed on them, getting the highchairs off the deck and all 6 pairs of little shoes that I took off earlier because it was raining. We forgot to put the cones away earlier so I had to run out in the rain for those too. I did manage to eat some lunch today...fed the baby again, got all the diapers changed twice so far today, got the kids off to their naps and had a moment to send off a note to all the parents letting them know how our day went so far today and what our plans are for the afternoon.

And that my day today until 1pm.

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