Thursday, April 1, 2010

Update on dad...Thursday, April 1st 9:30am

Dad called this morning and let me know that the doctors did meet with him this morning and his bone scan seems to show that things are fine and everything is as it should be.

Dad is still on one medication through an iv for the infection that he has had. Overall, he is doing very well...much better than he was last weekend!

Dad will be moved most likely tomorrow back to Fort Dodge. He will be at the Carriage House for now. He doesn't need hospital care but he also needs a little bit more than what he would get at Thompkins, which is where he was. He doesn't know when he will be moved yet but did say that there was a time in the morning that was a possibility but he should have more details later this afternoon or tonight.

Today is April Fools Day...although the above isn't a joke :) There are a few jokes going on around here and at CCS today I've been told. It is also Justin's birthday and conferences at CCS. So, if you see a 32 year old going crazy with 8 kids at a restaurant tonight, that would be me :)

I will be leaving Fort Dodge in the morning, heading home with the kids, repacking and then on to Illinois to spend Easter with Chris family. I won't get to see dad before I leave but I will keep talking with him and will update the blog as anything new happens during his stay at the Carriage House. He will most likely finish his recovery at Thompkins too but as things change and as he improves, I will update the blog.

A few people have asked how they can help out the family right now. Here are a few ideas for you :)
...send a gift card to a local restaurant to my parents house. They haven't been eating until about 7:30pm/8pm while dad was at Thompkins and the hospital. This would help so they could grab something on the way while they go to see him.
...send a get well card to dad or post a comment on the blog and we can send it to him for you
...bring lunch or a Diet Pepsi to my mom at school (she also likes Fish sandwiches from Burger King)
...tell her that you will be her kids' chauffeur for a day so she can be at home for a day. You will have to work hard on this one though because she really does think she can do it all. Julie and arrange to get the keys one day to the house and clean it for them. There are 5 kids, 1 mom, 2 dogs, bunnies, cats and lots of ladybugs living in this house that all mess it up. (There is a security system too so just be aware of that :)

Mom and dad's address is 2096 175th Street, Fort Dodge, IA, 50501

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!

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