Saturday, April 3, 2010

Update on dad...Saturday, April 3rd 10am

I talked with dad this morning...he will most likely remain in Iowa City until Monday at least. They are having a difficult time finding a place for him to go for the rest of his recovery. It is the weekend and a holiday weekend too and many places won't accept new residents over the weekend.

Mom and a few of the kids are heading to Iowa City today to see him, say hi and give him something to do other than just watch TV.

Dad said he is pretty bored and can only watch so much tv :) He said all this wouldn't be so bad if he could get up and move around but he is pretty limited.

I have to say, he has a ton more energy today and the past few days than what he had a week ago.

I will give him a call tomorrow and say hi and see how he is doing. There probably won't be any progress on his next place that he will be going to since it is a holiday though.

I will update the blog on Monday but won't update tomorrow unless he is moved or there is a big change.

Happy Easter everyone!

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