Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break has started

Spring break has started in our house with a bang! Well, not really :)

Sid is out of school until after Easter but we all still have to work around here so there isn't much planned.

We will be doing some projects outdoors that the kids will be helping out with. We have lots of bulbs to plant today, some landscaping blocks to put in while the ground is still soft and lots of raking!

This morning the kids decided to start off our "vacation" by eating chocolate covered pretzels...otherwise known as MY chocolate covered pretzels. Their mouths were covered in chocolate and I noticed the bag open and it was pretty much empty. All I had to do was look at them to know what they did but the fact that they ran away from me and hid also made them look a bit guilty.

I usually fold laundry in the morning while the kids eat breakfast but now the kids get that privilege as their punishment.

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