Friday, March 26, 2010

How Christians act today

I have my thoughts about the health care policy. I have my thoughts about the government. I have my thoughts about how different businesses are run. I even have my thoughts about how a certain road in town needs to be fixed and how most of the turn arrows on our street lights need to be turned just slightly because they are crooked. All valid points. All things that I think should be done certain ways. I'm not perfect in any way and my ideas may be wrong or right...either way, they are just my thoughts.

I also have my thought on how people that are calling themselves Christians should be acting...whether they agree with something or not.

I was talking with someone today about this subject of health care. I don't have all the facts and I am guessing that pretty much everyone who isn't sitting with our representatives side by side also doesn't have all the facts yet. Regardless of what is right and what is wrong or what you believe and what I believe, I do think that Christians should look at their words and behaviors.

When it was announced that the health care bill was passed, Facebook lit up like fire with many hurtful quotes, jokes, remarks that badmouthed certain sides or different people. Not only is this disrespectful but this just isn't how God wants Christians to behave. God wants us to love everyone, even the person that is for the health care bill or the person that is against the bill...whatever side you are on :) This doesn't mean say a hurtful comment about that person, a judgment on someone who will now be receiving health care that once was not able to regardless of their circumstances.

Those that call themselves Christians are being labeled as being against the health care bill. Not all Christians are being classified in that area but a large majority are on that side.

My question and thought is...
If someone saw a post on Facebook that put down someone, called them a horrible name or was just plain disrespectful and everyone new that the person who posted these items was a Christian, how is this person really representing the Christian culture?

Would Jesus say, "I hate this too, let's just badmouth everyone and put rude and obscene jokes out there for the world to see and say...yep, that is from one of those that follow me." I wonder if he would also say, "you know, that person that has been homeless for 5 years really doesn't deserve to feel better. I know they have been sick for a long time. But, they aren't working and this one time I will just walk by them, not let them touch my robe for a chance to get better and will keep this miracle I have for someone that truly deserves it."

I think he would look at Christians right now and be very disappointed at their words and actions that they are publicly showing the world.

How can we seriously convince someone to attend church, go to a Bible study with us, let their kids come to VBS at our church or something church related when they see us post something this is just un-Christianlike out for the world to see? How can they even take us seriously when we say Christ loves everyone when our words just don't show the same thought as what we have been taught in the Bible?

My viewpoint on this has nothing to do with politics. My viewpoint on this has everything to do with Christians.

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Missy Eagen said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! :)