Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Blank Faces

I have been meaning to write about this for awhile and finally have a moment where I am not holding a child, cleaning or cooking something :)

The past few weekends when we have been at our church I have enjoyed the sermons, the music, the atmosphere and the people that are around us.

I have been a church goer probably since before I was born. I would have to check with my mom on that one but am pretty sure that going to church was pretty much a weekly thing even when I was little. It was even more than that too...if we had somewhere to go it was related to church. I had my moments in my life where I chose not to go and was very mad at God but eventually I needed to go back because I just couldn't live and be part of this world without God.

Since I have gone to church for so many years I have a hard time understanding how others just don't get it. Last weekend I noticed a guy that was across from us almost directly. He was very clean cut and his wife or person he came with was very perfect looking as well. They had the look that everything was great but when the singing started and everyone was singing along their mouths didn't open. Their faces, especially his, was blank...the smiles he once had were gone and even during the sermon the only movement I really saw was a yawn.

I have left the church after service these past few weekends just feeling sad. I'm not sad for me but I'm sad that these people that are there, sitting in the same room as I, they just don't get the reason why they are there.

Our church focuses on connecting with others a lot and I don't think that it is just our church that might be missing these people...I think there is probably this same audience in every church.

How do we fix this? How do we help get people to be connected and feel like they fit in? How do we help them feel the same emotions that we feel as we are in the church and even outside of the church?

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