Sunday, March 15, 2009

You Never Forget...

Today I got on a bike for the first time in years!!!!! When I say years, I mean several years. I wasn't sure if I would remember how to ride a bike but I did. I guess that once you learn how to ride a bike you really never forget. I had a challenge with the balance for a bit but did really well after I went around our circle. It was like I never forgot.

We bought my bike just after we were married...which was in 2000. Well, not long after we were married, Sidney was in my tummy and it isn't really encouraged to ride a bike when you are pregnant. Plus, movement gets a little limited once the baby starts getting bigger and the tummy gets larger.

We moved to Kasson about a year after Sid was born. I remember riding my bike a few times out there but not a ton...maybe once or twice. For almost a 1/3 of our Kasson living experience, I was pregnant with Micah. So, there we go again with the pregnancy and the not being able to ride the bike thing.

Roughly three years after that move, we moved back to Rochester. Since we have been in Rochester, which has been just over 3 years, I haven't taken a ride on my bike. And, again for about 1/3 of our living time in our current home, I was pregnant with Quinn.

Now we have the challenge of riding bikes with kids that are learning to ride bikes. North Park is full of hills so both Micah and Sid fell in the wet grass today and had a complete melt down. Spring is here, they are going to get wet. That is the fact...they will have to live with it. :)

I am actually really excited to be riding a bike again. We have some great trails here and I would love to explore them a little bit more.

Bike riding + trails + explore = Life in Minnesota


The McCutcheons said...

MUD!! I hate that part of Spring. The kids went outside this weekend and Hannah was pushed down by a neighbor and guess where she landed? Yep, in the mud puddle. I just tossed her clothes in the garbage after hours of bleach, shout, and scrubbing!

Hey, we also got married in 2000 and I totally understand being pregnant ALL the time! :)

Jessica said...

Micah still has a pair of pants that I can't get the mud out of...wouldn't be so bad but he has 2 pairs of jeans right now and lots of other pants too but he calls them "noisy pants" and doesn't like them.

Cori said...

I totally know what you mean about the bike riding and pregnant thing. Ben got a nice, new bike when I was pregnant with Andrew, and we've never gone riding together. (OK, I think I went once while pregnant, but yeah, not a great idea.) I just bought a bike trailer to put behind a bike to carry two kids (not sure where #3 will go, ha ha). I hope we get to use it!! Happy riding!