Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's not always bad

I realized today that my posts on here are probably almost always the stuff that seems to take its toll on me, my strength and my time.

It really isn't all bad though. Life with kids is just a time of life where adventure seems to be around every corner.

I get to hear the kids talk about many things and the conversations that just happen to come up are really the funniest and even make me catch my breath at times.

Today, I got to spend some quality time with Sidney in a place that really isn't the norm for quality time...the x-ray room.

Yep, Sid had to have some x-rays today. This wasn't too dramatic, really, and was just more of a precautionary tool since she has had many colds this winter season compared to winters before.

Sid caught pink eye...again. She just had pink eye two weeks ago. We just finished up her meds and was glad she had something strong because I just knew it would fix up whatever was making her sick. She had an ear infection and an infection around her eye also and she just looked beat up. The last few days she was waking up with some redness in her eyes. In the back of my mind I guessed that it could be pink eye but there was just no possible way that it could be! She just got done with the medicine.

When she woke up today and came down to greet me, I saw a little bit of gook in the corner and crusty around her eye. Uh-oh. Was it, wasn't it? I just didn't know if it really was. Chris and I were in disagreement about if we should go to the doctor with her (I won the agrument...and yes, I was right...mother's intuition is really never wrong).

My entire afternoon was spent with Sid at the doctor. The doctor said right away that it was pink both eyes. She was very good with Sid and asked her great questions. Of course, Sid is so quiet that she hardly answered any of them and was bringing out her best shy qualities.

Since Sid has been sick so much since Christmas the doctor wanted to rule out the possibility of this pink eye continuing to come back because of a sinus infection. If it was a sinus infection, it would mean she would be on stronger meds and a lot longer. Not a sinus infection, just some drops for the eyes.

Our quality time was spent by sitting in uncomfortable chairs in the waiting room for about 25 minutes waiting for our turn. There is a sign on the wall that says, "If you have been waiting for more than 20 minutes, please see a receptionist." About every 2 minutes Sid would ask me how long we had been waiting and then point to the sign. We also talked about how she may or may not get to go to school tomorrow and she had a nice little whining session while we were sitting there. You see, tomorrow is a big day for Sid at school. Tomorrow is the class play and she is a dancing pancake. I truly don't know what that is but she has been working hard on this. She had a performance today for the Kindergarteners and another one for the am Kindergarteners and then for the whole school in the afternoon. In the evening all the parents are invited too for the big performance. This is a big day. The thought of not being able to be there for this just crushed her.

We did finally get into the x-ray room and Sid got to make beautiful faces while they were taking pictures of her sinus cavities from all sorts of different angles. She did awesome though! We were in the x-ray room for over an hour and had to have several shots re-done because they just weren't quite right. She loved it though and got lots of stickers today from all the places she got ot visit at the clinic.

Sid really does have a caring heart and I was reminded of this today when she was holding the pile of stickers in her little hands. She had quite a few and these are really special to her. She said that she was going to keep these stickers and not use them because when she is a doctor she can give them to the people that she helps when they are sick.

I always tell her at night when I pray with her that she is beautiful on the inside and the outside. Today she got to see some of her insides (which she thought was pretty cool) and I got to hear the beauty of her insides.

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