Saturday, February 7, 2009

Quinn is growing!

Quinn had his well check on Friday...those are always fun times :)

It is always interesting to see how kids grow and how they react to the doctor. You would think that a baby would usually be scared of a stranger or at least be a little timid of them. Nope. Quinn is the opposite. The doctor came in the room and was filling out some paperwork and while she was busy on the computer, Quinn was trying to get her attention. He kept leaning over trying to make eye contact with her.

Quinn is growing though...he has been the small child in our family. He wasn't really small when he was born. Any child that is over 9 lbs. (which all of our kids were) really isn't a small child. Quinn slowed down his growing though his first year and just decided that he liked to be at the low end of the growth charts. At the 12 month check-up, he was even almost 2 inches shorter than the other two kids were at their 12 month check-ups. He always did seem smaller and that was my confirmation!

He did grow an inch though in the last 3 months which is great growth for him! He is now almost 24 pounds. He likes to stay just under that 24 pound mark but is getting close to actually hitting 24 pounds.

Quinn is very social! He also loves music! If there is a song on you can see him shake his little bumper to the beat. We are working on trying to get him to walk on his own because he still isn't getting the hang of that. I am sure that he will figure it out soon...he is just a slow learner with this part just like our other kids were. He has been taking our little toddler cars around the house though and usually ends up on his knees as he pushes the car around the house. Sidney will tell him to stand up and amazingly he does and then gets going again...walking around in circles in the house.

Quinn is starting to throw some temper tantrums and he does them really well. He has stomped his feet at me, thrown himself on the floor and kicked his legs and pounded his arms, head butted people if they make him mad and lets out this incredibly loud squeal.

Micah also grew and turned 4 on Wednesday! Our little man is 4 years old and is so big now!!! We are having a party for him tomorrow with a few of his little friends. Thomas the Tank Engine is the theme since he is such a train fanatic! We have Thomas everything so it should be a fun party for him and his friends.

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The McCutcheons said...

Gracie was a normal weight when she was born and then a year later....she fell off the charts! They were soooo worried that we had to go to Mayo. It turns out that she is just small in all areas. They are still worried about her weight and she has to go for "weight" checks every-so-often. LOL, although, she doesn't "head butt" people. That would require pain and she's not into that! :)