Saturday, February 14, 2009

Everyone Jump!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today was a day that was pretty much about laundry. I have done so many loads of laundry that it really is amazing. How can 5 people make that much laundry in a week. We had to wash sheets today and everyone would have had clean shots on their bed but one little boy forgot to bring down half of his his didn't get done.

The kids were all about the candy today. They were a little disappointed that all they got was a heart box with candy in it and a book that you can paint with water. They kept asking all day if they could have more candy and if they were getting more valentine's so by 7:30 PM, I was ready for them to just go to bed. I love them very much but our day started out a little rough and when all I hear during the day is whining for more candy, I am ready to say goodnight.

I was up pretty much all night last night because Quinn had an outbreak with his eczema and he has been scratching over and over. His little tummy is raw in some places and he is just really uncomfortable. I am not sure what the outbreak is from this time but he has had it a few days now and that just means that he doesn't get much sleep and neither do I. I finally got to sleep about 6:00 am after holding Quinn, then not holding Quinn and more and more of that. Then, Sid came in to see if she could use a cup that she got for Valentine's Day...that was around 7:00 am. I got back to sleep and then she came in again to see if they could play with a toy that was Micah's. At the same time, Quinn was actually asleep but I was still holding him so he would not scratch and then I could tell that he was wet and then my shirt got all wet from his diaper leaking so my chance to sleep was gone.

In the middle of our day we had a fun outing to the Polar Plunge that was taking place in Rochester today. Our neighbor, who is very outgoing and funny, jumped in the freezing cold water at the "beach" in Rochester. We went to support her and cheer her on and I was thinking we would get there, walk on over and wave and maybe have a chat with her before she jumped in. What I wasn't expecting was that all of Rochester was going to be there! It took us about 10 minutes just to turn on the road where "the beach" was at and there were people everywhere! I obviously haven't been aware of how big this event is but I was truly shocked. People were dressed up in many different things...some things that you just don't anticipate seeing when people are jumping into water. The kids were cold but they stayed busy by playing with the sand that we were standing on. Maybe one of these years I will get Chris to make a team and jump won't ever see me jumping in that water though!

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