Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hearing stories

We just happened to go to the 10:30 am service at our church today. I like going to Saturday night service because it is usually less crowded but I am glad that we went at 10:30 today.

This was baptism weekend at our church and during this weekend we get to hear testimonies from people that are getting baptized. I usually know at least one of the people that will be getting wet in the baptismal tub and today I knew 2 of the people that were getting baptized during the 10:30am service time.

One of my friends and a leader with Teen MOPS made the step in her life to get baptized today. She has quite the testimony and this was really a struggle for her to share her story with such a large group of people. She has wanted to get baptized but doing this in front of people was the hardest thing for her. I won't share all of her story with you but it ranges from being a teen mom, having abuse in her life in many forms and having to hide in a car many times with her younger brothers and sisters while her dad went into bars at night and drank. Because her story is full of so many different heartaches in her life, she probably connected with a lot of people that were sitting in the sanctuary today. As we were walking out of our pew, I saw several people crying, holding their head or someone comforting another person.

I am so proud of her and knew that she had the courage to take this step in her life! Not only did she get baptized today but she also probably changed several lives just by telling her story.

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