Friday, April 25, 2008

Some photos of Geocaching...

These pictures are of Chris, Sidney and Micah writing in their first Geocache that they found together. You get to write you name on each once that you find and can also see all the other people that have found it and when they found it.
Sidney and Micah are standing next to where the first Geocache was found. It is a lightpost in a parking lot by our Sam's Club. You lift up the bottom metal part of the light post and it was a film canister under it.
The 2nd place we went was to a park. It still isn't very green here yet, as you can see, and the park is more of a prairie type of place where the grass doesn't get cut. The kids and Chris walked quite a ways away to a small sign and the Geocache was on the back of the sign. It was kindof raining off and on that morning and although Sid was fine walking through the tall grass, as soon as we got to the parking lot, she was all grossed out because of the worms that were on the pavement.
The last picture is of another Geocache that they found that day. This one was hidden inside of a tree trunk. Sidney actually found it and she is holding it up. This Geocache had trinkets insdie so the kids got to take a trinket and then put one of their own inside for someone else to take.

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