Saturday, April 19, 2008


Chris received an early birthday gift this week. He wanted a gps unit so he could go Geocaching. His gift (which he ordered...then I told him it was his gift for his birthday in a few weeks) came on Friday.

We went out this morning...all of us...and went Geocaching around Rochester.

If you aren't familiar with Geocaching, it really is quite simple. I guess there is a website where you sign up and can see all sorts of "treasures" (that is what the kids call it) that are hidden. These "treasures" are called caches. Each caches has a paper which you write your name or number on so people know that you were there. You can record on their website what caches you found so you can keep track of it. You can even put out caches for other people to find and watch who has visited.

The kids thought it was a lot of fun. I stayed in the car with Quinn :) Micah wasn't quite as thrilled about this as Sidney. Oh...Sidney had a suitcase packed for this. She is such an organizer. She had a telescope, hat, items to put in the cache, a notebook and pen to write down what she was pretty funny. Micah went to the first 2 and then was more concerned about what he was eating next rather than what was hidden.

Micah was looking adorable though. It was supposed to rain so the kids had their boots and rain gear on. Sid doesn't have a rain coat but Micah has one that is really big on him still. It looks like a Fireman's coat. Very cute! I have some photos that I will post later on.

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