Friday, April 11, 2008

April Showers

We had our first real April Shower yesterday. It rained pretty much all day and at times, there was quite a bit of rain coming down. I was getting some paperwork done last night and heard this horrible noise. I had no idea what it was and then realized it was thunder. The rest of the night was full of loud noises and flashes of light. The kids do great with storms though so I am very glad about that. Micah has really dark curtains in his room so that helps. I think if anyone would get scared from thunder and lightning, it would probably be him. He already thinks that there are monsters in his room (thanks, Monsters Inc.!).

Regardless of the rain coming down, Sidney still took her sweet time getting home from the bus stop. I was upstairs getting ready to give Quinn a bath and saw her get off the bus. I'm not sure what she was looking at but she stopped several times and just looked at the ground...the she would sprint...then stop and look at the ground....then sprint again.

Because there was so much rain, I think we will see some green around us. I noticed that some of the flowers are already starting to come up. I need to get out and clean up the flower beds but it just hasn't been nice enough this week. Hopefully we will get a chance this weekend.

Chris is on his way home. I saw on yahoo last night that American was cancelling over 500 flights for today. I gave him a call and told him so he and the guys he was with went over to the airport to change their flight. They did manage to get on a flight this morning so they had to leave their meetings early. They either could leave early this morning or on Monday. It is going to be another messy day at the airports.

Last night, Quinn ate a huge bowl of rice cereal with some pears mixed in. He loved it! That was his first real food other than rice cereal.

We have a fun day of laundry ahead of us. Yeah!

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