Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Truth About Guys

Laughter. Smiles. Conversation.

Teen MOPS featured a video tonight called, "The Truth About Guys". It is a great video by Chad Eastham for teens and is from The Revolve Tour.

While watching the video with the teens, I saw them laugh. It wasn't just a giggle here and there, it was real laughter. The laughter then led to smiles. Smiles were spread across faces that often have no emotion at all. After the video, we had some excellent converation about guys. The girls opened up and talked and talked and talked. Man, they had some stuff to get off their chests about the guys they know.

We have part two of this video in April and the teens are very excited to see the rest of this series and were even asking for copies of this video so they could watch it again. We also give the teens an opportunity to go to The Revolve Tour at no cost to them other than MOPSBucks and I think this video will prompt a few more to attend in October.

If you know of a teen or have a teen, this video would be great to show them! It is hilarious and full of real truth and is delivered by a great speaker. There is a book as well that Chad Eastham has written. This is the link to his website...check it out!

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