Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Bucket List

Last fall, our church brought in a speaker for the women to hear. I believe her topic was on joy. I was really pregnant then and in lots of pain so hearing about joy at that point was a good thing.

This speaker calls herself The Laugh Lady and she is pretty funny. Her name is Mary Pierce and she really is a good speaker. I know she has written some books too but I haven't read any of those. I would like to but right now I have about 3 that I want to read but just don't have a chance right now to even start them. Mary has had experiences many people have had and some that I am not sure how I would have handled if I was in her shoes.

Here is a link to her website...

On her website, she has a blog and talks about her bucket list. She is referencing the movie, "The Bucket List".

Well, here is my bucket list. I hope to have many years to do these but this is what I want to do before I kick the bucket :)
  • Take the kids to Walt Disney World. Sidney has had several friends go lately and she REALLY wants to go. I keep telling her that she has been there already so we have to wait a while and save up our money because it is a big trip. Granted, she was only 2 months old when she was there but she has been there. (If you are there with a baby and are breastfeeding, the bathrooms don't work very well other than the family restroom at the front entrance of the park...that is a long ways away from EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!)
  • See the Grand Canyon. I know it is hot there but I really want to see it. I don't think I can get the real awe of its magnitude through pictures. I think it is just like Niagra Falls, you can't really know how huge and powerful that is unless you see it and hear it yourself.
  • Make the kids smile and laugh every day.
  • Get the kids to eat enough fruit and vegetables every day. This is a challenge but we are working on it. I am now on the Food Program for day care too and this is helping work on this. I have one little boy who doesn't like green stuff so I now puree some things to trick him into eating it since it is mixed in with other foods.
  • Have a "date" with each of the kids each month (not Quinn yet). I am doing this with Sidney already and she loves it. She gets to pick out a place to eat at and then we go to a store that she wants to go to. She loves to bring her money and buy something and usually picks Hobby Lobby as our store. I would love it if she would pick Panera as her place to eat at but it is usually McDonalds or Pizza Hut Express.
  • Have our families visit us at least once a year (brothers, sisters, moms and dads, grandparents of Chris and I, if they are able to). This is hard for some of our family members because they live so far away and/or have lots of kids at their house with a schedule that is crazier than having only 3 kids, like our family.
  • Finish a scrapbook for each of the kids and Chris.
  • Know that the kids have become Christians (one down, two to go).
  • Visit each state in the U.S. (Hawaii included...maybe Alaska)
  • Go to London with Chris. London is one of my favorite places. I ventured this massive city on my own one day while I was there and found so many great places. The musicals are cheaper there than they are here and are truly spectacular. I was able to see Phantom of the Opera and Cats while I was there. Standing in front of Buckingham Palace is a site to see and walking through Hydes Park and seeing all the wonderful statues is amazing.
  • Go skiing in Colorado with the family or just Chris. I have done this with my family, friends, cousins and aunt & uncle and it was awesome! Chris and I went skiing once in Minnesota but it just isn't the same. The slopes are hills, not mountains :( The snow is just different too. It is more ice here in MN and not as smooth.

I am sure I have more on my list but the little people are calling my name. What is on your bucket list?

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