Monday, November 19, 2012

My Spirit

Imagine this scene...
Its a beautiful day and you are riding along on a bike, going on a fabulous ride up and down hills. The hills get higher and longer with little breaks where you can admire the trees, grass and just enjoy the ride and catch your breath a little bit before you start that next hill.
Your ride is interrupted by someone asking you something. What are they saying? You cant hear because headphones are in your ears and truthfully you were really zoning out everyone at the gym while you were on the stationary bike. Imagining riding outdoors is so much better than staring at a gray wall.

So, what did that person ask me?

"How do you have the spirit to come here everyday?"


I know I repeated that "what" a few times. Mostly because I didn't hear the words the first time and second, because I didn't quite get how my spirit was involved with this decision of going to workout.

I don't have the best responses to random people at the gym at 5:30am and so this was my response;
" I get up, get my coffee and come here. That is about it."

I should have said;
"If I stayed in bed every morning I would regret not going to the gym. I would have guilt if I knew that I could go and just didn't. Some days I need a break but most days I need to be here and start my day with a good sweat. I would be crankier, sassier (some would say I already am), and would just go back to bad habits again if I didn't show up. Bad habits for me lead to someone who is back in the obese category and I really don't want to go back to that miserable existence. My workout isn't just a habit. My workout is part of what I need to do to be the best person that I can be; emotionally, physically and spiritually. So, if you want to talk about spirit...well, that is another subject that I'd be glad to talk about with you while you spot me." :)

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