Thursday, October 18, 2012

Listen to your gut, people!

I did something this morning that I shouldn't have done.

First...a little background on my day.  It is Thursday and today is a day when I teach cycling class.  Class is from 5:45am until 6:35am.  Yes, I know...that is so early!  Trust me, I hear this all the time.  

I somehow missed my alarm yesterday (although I truly think it was a problem with my phone or Siri just shutting my alarms off for me, because she is so helpful like that).  To make up for that lost workout I did a few things at home with the kids yesterday and also went in to the gym early today so I could squeeze in some lifting.

I had 4 alarms set today.  It was a little overboard probably but I couldn't miss the gym again.  Today was a little more critical too since I was teaching and there are some strict policies about not missing a class.

4:30am.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.

I get up with the first alarm.  Guess I didn't need the other 3.  :)

I did a little warm up but not my normal, "teaching spin same day" type of warm-up.  I did intervals on the elliptical, without using my hands and just used my legs.  I bumped that resistance all the way to 12 and worked my way up and down for 30 seconds each.  No problem.  In the back of my mind though I wondered if I should just stick to walking on the treadmill since I would be working my lower body pretty hard in just a few minutes.  Always listen to your gut, people!

My next mistake was leg extensions.  Bump that weight up to 75 and 80 pounds and get a few sets done of 10 reps.  Done.

Final mishap was some lifts with the muscles in the backs of my legs.  I even increased the weights today.  (Mistake number 5)  I was so proud of myself and really felt like I was accomplishing some great things so bright and early.

Halfway through cycling class my body hit a wall.  I felt it.  My breathing became harder, I had no energy and I wanted to quit.  Being the person who is in front of the class that is telling people what to do each second of class for 50 minutes...this was not a good feeling to have.

My body was ready to crash and it was only 6:30 am.  I made my way to the drinking fountain, filled up my water bottle...for the third time...and just started chugging.  I knew that I was dehydrated and that my body was just worked too hard this morning.  I also didn't eat well yesterday and I can tell when I don't get enough to eat.  Yesterday I ate a small breakfast and then ate a bowl of noodles, tomatoes and ground turkey for supper before I left for a night of meetings.  My lunchtime was spent being nice to two workers for two hours as they fixed our dishwasher...after being on the phone for 30 minutes trying to figure out where all of our records went the last 2 service calls.  Lunch...couldn't even grab a bite to eat as there were dishwasher parts all over our kitchen counters and floor.

Today has been all about recuperating   God gave me a few minutes of silence this morning too before our day got to be the crazy normal that it is.  I was so thankful for those few moments because I really needed those today.  Finally at about 2pm I was feeling better.  I could walk around without feeling like I was going to throw up or faint.  Amazing what water, food and 5 minutes of sleep can do (I snuck my nap in at 7:20am!)

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