Monday, September 3, 2012

September...You are really here.

September is really here.

I have updated our master calendar, color coded our activities so I know who is going where and when.

The kids have gone through the school lunch calendar and let me know which 9 meals they want from school and when they want me to make the other 9 lunches for them.

Backpacks are ready to go.  Healthy snack options are picked out by the kids for their first day.  The kids are totally in charge of their snacks this year.  If they forget it is all on them.  Time for this mom to hand over some of the responsibility and help them with those growing up/life skills.

Today we spent our final day of vacation just bumming.  Quinn and I actually woke up in the night with headaches so the gym just didn't happen this morning for me.  We started our morning nice and slow and just took our day in stride.  Here is what happened after that:

  • kids played outside, a lot.
  • kids played outside with other kids, a lot.
  • kids played inside with other kids, a lot.
  • went on a bike ride as a family...which was shortened because Quinn's bike wasn't working right.
  • went on another bike ride with Sid and Micah.  They have been wanting to show me "the big hill" that they go on.  We started toward "the big hill", I was the only one that could get up the hill without stopping...and then we had to go down.  We had so much fun we did this twice.  :)
  • played garbage (card game).  I can't ever win this game.  Quinn dominates this game.  
  • talked a lot about what the first day of school was going to be like, what the kids might be nervous or scared about and assured them that Jesus was always with them.  
I am also having some MAJOR (at least in my eyes) computer issues.  Anything dealing with the internet is just an extreme hassle.  This blog will probably take about 30 minutes just to upload...if I am lucky.
(in fact...I have to finish it on my phone since it didn't work)

Sid and I also made some crafts today for an upcoming event in November...Hope for Cambodia. I'll post more info later but somewhere in this post (not sure where since my phone is doing the work) will be a picture of some (there were a lot) of the cards we made today that will be sold. Narrow Road Coffee will be there and this is just a tangent of them :). We will also have bags to sell. It will be a great day and benefits girls who need help.

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