Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Few Loves...and Hates

First...my hates.

Hate:  detest.  
I know, this is a strong word.  But, listen to my story first.

Go to type an e-mail.  Get the entire thing done, list everything that you need (don't hit save because you don't think you need to save an e-mail since you are sending it in a moment) and then you hit send. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling...you know that little symbol.  The one that says "I'm working.  I'm working.  Just be patient."

My patience ran up yesterday.  I hate my laptop.

I've just worked for 30 minutes to try to get an order done on Amazon.  Two things.  Still not done loading.

No webpage found.
Hello!  This is Amazon.  I doubt that they just up and left today for no reason.  The webpage is there, you are just a broken laptop that has some issues and can't figure out the internet for some reason.

Same time I tried to e-mail something.  Gone.  In the drafts was part of the e-mail that I had written up.  That should have taken 15 minutes.  Now...1 hour of my day gone.

Everyone is posting such cute pics of their kids leaving for school today.  I tried to upload a photo to Facebook through my phone (since I knew my laptop wouldn't work).  Failed to load all day.  So, sorry!  I can't join the trend of 1,000's of moms all over the world that are putting pictures of their kids on Facebook.  I tried to be part of this in crowd.  My phone failed me.  Tried to upload it through this blog on my phone...took 2 hours before it finally went (and after hitting Publish about 30 times).

So...let's just say that I have a bit of technology hate today.  Most of this is towards my laptop since it has been acting up for a little bit now.  Whatever happened yesterday though with the tech stuff in our house has now screwed up my phone.

Get on Chris' Mac...everything works as it should (I just don't know the password or how to use the thing).  Chris would tell you that it works fine because it is an Apple product.

(I tried to put a cute image on here but I can't figure out how to do it on a Mac)  :)

Ok...aggression is now out.  Coffee has been made and consumed (with a few chocolate chips as well) and now on to the things I love.

Love:  Also a strong word but should give you some warm, fuzzy feelings inside.:

I love the big hug that Micah gave me this morning before he crossed the road and got on the bus.  Even Lanny, the bus driver, had a huge smile when he saw that.

I love coffee.  Specifically, Narrow Road Coffee, Guatemala.

I love my house.  It is so quiet right now.  This hasn't happened in about 3 months.

I love crock pots.  Moms...not more information is needed, right?

I love the red velvet cake from Target.  Have you tried it?  Seriously, good.

I love the smell of fall.  Yesterday we were riding our bikes around Quarry Hill.  Leaves were on the ground, the path was semi-covered and the smell of fall was in the air.

I love push presses.  Fun, fun, fun!

I love yoga pants, sweatshirts and tank tops.

I love Amazon.  I did not know that I could buy so many things without having to actually leave my house.  Click, click, click...items will be shipped (for FREE!) in 5 to 8 days.  Ok.  I will be waiting for those.

(I secretly kindof like Chris' laptop...but shhh...don't tell him.)

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