Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Before...Now the After

Our tv isn't actually a tv.  See...I live with a computer techy person and computers are just what we do at our house.

Since our tv isn't really a tv and it is an actual computer it has a screen saver just like a normal computer.  You leave it on too long and it starts showing a screen saver.  Our screen saver is actually pictures that scroll from our file of pictures.

Well, today I saw a picture that was a little terrifying.  I'm just making snacks for the kiddos and then BAM...a picture from many years ago pops on the screen and the realization that the picture is really me was a reality check.

Here is what I saw.

July 2010

The reality is that I actually felt exactly how I looked.  There wasn't much inside this person that was happy.  I hurt everywhere.  Riding in a car for more than 30 minutes hurt.  I ate horrible foods and was drinking at least 5 cans of pop a day...if not more (it probably was more actually).  In this picture I wasn't puffing my cheeks out either...that was just me sitting there, triple chins and all.

July 2012

Today...this is me.  I really shouldn't say "the after".  This really is just a work in progress.  Today, I'm much happier and feel like I have a purpose.  Getting that energy and drive back in your life will make that happen.  I still have pain when I am in a car for more than about 90 minutes but I am learning how to deal with that and help so the pain can be prolonged.  Today I only hurt when I have a workout that worked me hard.  That is a good hurt though and I like that feeling.  I hit the gym or workout 5 to 6 times a week for at least an hour each time..most of this is doing heavy weights (not those pretty colored ones :).  Example...deadlifts of 150+ pounds, lots of squats, push presses, planks.  I am trying to eat better and eliminate the pop at least 95% of the time.  I eat almonds now, greek yogurt, smoothies with protein in them, stuff called Quinoa (never would have ate before), salads and really...nothing from a box or a bag.  Bread and pasta are almost always non-existent for me too so when I do have it I treasure those tastes.  Processed foods are almost non-existent in what I consume.  Most importantly...I just try to keep those trigger foods out of the house and enjoy my cheat meal when I have it.

That's me.  That's what I do.  Can you see the results?


Unknown said...

Amazing Journey Jessica! Keep it up!

Unknown said...

That "unknown" person was me...Michelle Heilskov
(wasn't signed in I guess)

Jessica said...

Thanks, Michelle! Happy Birthday :)

Cori said...

You look great, Jess! It's great that you are feeling better, too! Keep up the good work!!