Monday, December 26, 2011

Jessica's Journey...December 26th "measurements & food""

In a few days it will be the start of 2012.  Two thoughts are going through my head today as I get closer to that 1 on the calendar.  Measurements & Food.

Measurements.  I will do measurements again on that first day of the year and see how I am progressing on this journey.  My anticipation is that I won't have as dramatic results as the first month but that I will still see some minimal changes.  I know that my clothes are fitting differently so even if I don't see numbers changing all the time with the measurements I do know that my body is adjusting to this different lifestyle.  My arms have changed and now I am seeing changes in my legs.

I had a moment today where I realized that my current pant size may not be realistic for me.  My clothes fit in certain part of me but other parts seem like they are still holding on and not wanting to let go of the fat.  This makes finding clothes that fit right a bit harder.  My belt has been cinched down another notch yet my hips seem to just want to hang on forever to what it has grown accustomed to these past several years.  This can be quite frustrating.  Mentally, I don't know that I am ready to go to that next size down.  I remember having this issue when I went from wearing XXL and XL in most things to a size L.  A Medium seems crazy to me.  Every brand is different too but I am learning that what I can wear in one brand may be a size or 2 different in another brand.  Isn't women's fashion great?  (Can't say that Walmart or Target is the best place to get fashion advice or quality in sizes but that is where most of my clothes come from)

Challenge for you...if you haven't measured yourself lately pick January 1st as a starting date for you.  Track these each month.  Don't...and I really mean don't...measure each day or each week.  Once a month is more than enough.  Just grab a string and put a marker line on the string for each area and then measure or grab a flexible measuring tape to use.  Here are a few things that I measure and keep track of:  Neck (just started this one in October), Chest, Belly Button area, Waist (the largest part of your waist), Hips, Thighs (the largest part), Calf, Upper Arms (both...and they aren't always the same)

December wasn't the best month for me with my food.  I will be working very hard at finding new recipes to use that fit with the plan that I have been given.  I have been working on this food thing in baby steps and changing little things as I go along this journey.  The big thing for me that I have changed is how I eat when we go out to eat.  During the month of December I have ordered salads at least 75% of the time when we have gone out.  That is a lot of greasy burgers and fries that I did not consume.  At home I have learned one thing:  if I have the food in the house, I will eat it.  It is all back to that willpower thing which I totally lack.  As long as I don't buy the food that I shouldn't eat, I will be ok.  As long as I don't make the food that I shouldn't eat, I will be ok.  Everything that I put in my mouth is my choice.  I just have to remember that as I am standing at the fridge with the door open or looking in cabinets during the afternoon when I am hungry.

Baby steps, baby steps.  Measurements and food.  As I continue to do my workouts and spend my time at the gym and eat the right things then I will see the results in the measurements.

Workouts this week:  This is a bit of a different week for me because I am on vacation!  It would be a lot better if I felt good but vacation is vacation.  I have to treasure these days that I get, especially the ones that I get with my kids being home.  I was planning on going to the gym this morning to start off the next week of the phase.  I got a nasty cold though and was really in bad shape Christmas day.  I managed to get a nap in while the turkey was in the oven and before I needed to start making other food for our feast.  The nap helped but I still didn't feel very good.  My goal was to just get enough sleep so I could hopefully be well enough to go to the gym on Tuesday.  Today I can tell that my cold is starting to go away but it has made my asthma flare up pretty badly.  Breathing is not an easy task today and my inhaler is with me at all times.  I am planning on getting back to the gym in the morning on Wednesday.  My intervals will probably have to be done on the bike and not the elliptical.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday will be additional days for working out.

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