Friday, December 16, 2011

Jessica's Journey...December 16th

I hear this a lot..."I can't believe you get up that early to go workout!"

What those people don't hear is the voices in my head that are having a conversation at 4:30am.  (No, I'm not crazy...just don't know how else to describe this). alarm goes off once.  Sometimes I get up right away.

Then there are other days when my alarm has to go off twice.  These are most days when I have to really work hard at pulling the covers off, climbing out of bed and walk across the room in the pitch black darkness.  Our house is also really cold at that time of the morning.  I am pretty sure that I saw a 6 and a 0 on the thermostat this morning.  That's cold, people!

As I am rubbing my eyes and trying to figure out what to wear that morning there is a conversation going on in my head.

"I could just go to bed."
"I can't go to bed.  I have to go to the gym."
"No, I can go back to sleep.  I'll just wake up again in a few hours."
"I know that I can't get back to sleep.  I will just toss and turn."
"If I do go back to sleep I will probably just feel guilty for not going to the gym."
"I have to go...I didn't go on Wednesday."
"Ok.  I'm going."

I went.  I felt good afterwards and I am very glad that I made it to the gym.

I finished week 1 of Phase 3.  Wanna see how happy I am about that?  Well, you are anyways, even if you don't want to.  (Caution...this was just after I finished so I am a little bit gross in this picture.  A lady in the locker room was laughing at me for taking a picture too.  Oh...and don't you just love the colors in our locker room.  Bright green.  If that doesn't wake you up I'm not sure what will.  Just walk into WOW if you ever need to fight sleeping.)

The only thing that I don't like about finishing up a week is knowing that next week things get harder.  The hardest part for the start of each week is the increase of intervals.  My body now likes going full speed for 30 seconds and then resting for 30 seconds and doing this 6 times.  Next week I repeat this 7 times and I have to say...I already know that my body will be ready to stop where I was at this week.  That first day is tough.  Second day...little bit better.  Third day...I forgot what I was complaining about.

Tomorrow morning I am going to the gym with my 10 year old daughter who...get this...wants to lift weights.  I may have created a monster.  :)

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