Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jessica's Journey...December 15th

7:15am.  Workout is done.  I am back at home and I think I am ready for my day.  I do wish though that I could start this day over.

Can't say it was the best day...not that the exercises weren't good because I really did push myself.  It was all of the other stuff that factored in this morning that made my gym time just a little less than desirable.  So, I made up this list in my head as I was driving home of what the reasons are why you shouldn't go to a gym.  (This is supposed to be funny so don't think that any of these can actually be an excuse not to exercise)

Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go To A Gym:
1.  Lost & Found Box.  I have been a frequent visitor of this box at our gym.  I can't say that I am a very forgetful person but I do seem to forget a lot when I am at the gym.  So, here are some of the things that I have looked for in this lost & found box in the last year.  Today I found my tennis shoes in the lost and found box.  That's right.  My shoes!  I picked up my bag this morning to head to the gym and noticed that my bag was a little bit lighter than normal and then saw that my shoes were missing.  I came to the conclusion that if someone took my shoes then they just needed them more than me.  If they were still at the gym then that would be wonderful as well.  A few of the other things that I have lost at the gym have been jewelry (Tiffany...yes, expensive, bracelet that someone else now owns), phone/iPod case (also not found) and earring (I did find this under an elliptical).
2.  Security.  This is more of me saying that I am a danger to your security.  See, this morning I had my headphones on still and was still in my own little world as I was getting stuff ready for the showers.  At the moment there are some pretty big issues with the showers at the gym.  Here is a run down for you...no hot water for about 3 weeks (and not always posting a sign about this), no handles for the showers to turn the water on (this happens once in awhile...I have no idea where the handles go or how they just show up again), burning hot water with no cold temperatures, inadequate size of shower curtains (to save money, the gym took a shower curtain, cut it in half and now 2 showers use that 1 altered shower curtain), and lastly...leaking showers.  The showers now leak so bad that it puts a huge puddle in the middle of the floor that is about the size of my kitchen floor.  As I was getting ready for these wonderful showers I didn't notice that one of the showers was already taken.  I didn't want the shower that leaked a lot.  I didn't want the one that didn't have a handle and then I knew that one of the showers was already taken.  So, I went to the last shower and opened the curtain.  Oops...someone WAS in there!  I did end up using the shower without a handle after that little mishap this morning.
3.  Different views on how to clean.  Again, this morning (what was it about my day today!) I got done with my set workout with a few minutes to spare.  I hadn't been on the row machine for awhile so I thought I would challenge myself and see if I could do as well as I did a few months ago.  I could not, but I did finish.  As I was on the row machine, one of the guys that works there decides to vacuum around the machines that are close by.  He keeps getting closer and closer to where I am and in my head I am trying to focus on what I'm doing but the thought of, "He seriously won't clean under me while I am on this machine" kept repeating in my head.  Well, I was wrong.  I am rowing back and forth and as I am moving all over the place he takes the vacuum and puts it under my machine.  Seriously!  The row machine doesn't sit far off the floor so needless to say, it was a bit awkward.
4.  Psycho Drivers.  The other day I wrote on Facebook about this lady that ticked me off while I was driving.  She was on my butt and I couldn't even see her headlights...it was that close.  We were on a road where she could have passed too but she just chose to stick close to me.  I then got on the highway as she continued to ride my tail.  As soon as we were on the highway she whipped around me and then cut me off as she pulled back into the lane.  All this while no other cars were on the road.  Guess who I got to see this morning as I was going to the gym?  The same lady.  Although this time she didn't do these things to me, she did it to the guy who was driving just ahead of me.  She did everything the same as she did to me just the other day but added a semi to the people that she cut in front of.
5.  Cost of Wardrobe.  There is this great website called Pinterest (I know some of you know about this site...if you don't, ask me for an invite...I'll send ya one) and lately there have been some posts listing different weight loss problems.  The one that was listed talked about people only see you in workout clothes.  Ain't that the truth!  See, there really are reasons for this.  The first is that they are comfy clothes.  Why wouldn't you want to wear yoga pants, sportsbras and stretchy shirts or sweatshirts all day?  Second, there are times when you are losing weight when your regular clothes don't fit you.  It is that awkward stage where you can't buy that new pair of jeans because they won't fit yet but you don't want to buy that bigger size because hopefully in a few weeks they won't fit.  And really, they just look sloppy when your clothes are too big.  My budget for workout clothes has far exceeded purchases for anything else that I have needed this past year.

My workout today:  I did day 3 of Phase 2 today.  (I did day 1 on Monday and am saving day 2 until I have a chance to look at the exercise a bit more so I know what I'm doing...which will be tomorrow morning).  I really pushed the weights up today...that was my goal...try to increase the weights.  I think I did on everything except one exercise which was the curl to press.  You take dumbbells and curl them and then press them over your head.  I could not increase this one and in fact almost couldn't do all of this...but I did finish!

On to a better day...I am restarting my day...now :)

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