Monday, November 7, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 7th

I'm gearing up for a morning of spin.

What is my routine for my spin mornings?

Get up always...get out the door and hopefully to the gym by 5:15am. I like to get stretched out before class. My body is getting older and I need a little bit extra time to warm up. Sometimes I have a few minutes to do some core work too. I don't know if I will do that tomorrow...I may sleep for an extra 10 minutes.

The best part of spin for me is the motivation that I get. This isn't just from the instructor but also from the other regulars that attend the class. It is helpful to know that I'm not the only crazy person that gets to the gym early enough to sit on a bike, stand up on a bike and leave a pool of sweat around me because I was riding the bike.

Everyone in the class knows that we are taking this biking journey at 5:45am at our own pace. We get to set the resistance at anything we want. Only we truly know how hard we are working. Knowing that someone beside me or in front of me is pushing themself as fast as they fact, seeing that they are pushing themselves harder than I am pushing myself...makes me want to try harder.

The spin instructor (Melissa, if you are reading this, you really are great at this job!) reminds us nicely, at first, to keep our feet flat, not lean on our handlebars and that this is entirely a lower body workout. As the class goes on we start to get tired. I'm guessing she must see it in our face when we start having the mental thoughts of just getting off the bike and quitting for the morning. That is when she will pipe in and say pretty loudly, "You didn't get up at 5:00am for nothing!"

She's right. Why did I get up this morning to go to the gym? Why am I getting out of nice, warm bed...and going out into the freezing, cold morning air?

My reason is...
because I'm not quitting.

I'm not done yet. I still have a ways to go.

So I will be going to bed early, earlier than most adults, just so I can get up when my clock still has a 4 on that first number and then go sit (and stand)on a bike that isn't going anywhere.

I was challenged today by my workout this morning. I increased my weights, I am doing 3 sets this week instead of the 2 last week and the intervals that I do increased as well. I challenged myself today too in my water intake. How much water am I really drinking? Not enough...that is the answer. My craving for my fav Diet Pepsi is starting to disappear though. I couldn't even finish my pop today. That is huge...if you know me, you know that it really is. :)

I know I will be challenged in the morning during spin class. Not only will I have an instructor yelling talking loudly in a pretty nice tone of voice to move my legs faster but I will have those people around me that are motivation to keep moving and to get myself moving a little bit faster.

What is your motivation for the goal you have in place? Is there one that you started and quit and are thinking of starting again? If yes, make sure that this is the time that you don't quit.

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Cori said...

It's quite impressive that you get up when the clock still has a 4 as the first number. I do good if there is a 6. Keep up the good work! You are doing so well!!!