Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jessica's Journey...November 2nd

Today's Exercises...with my own rankings to make it fun :)
1 being the easiest and 5 being the most difficult.

Dumbbell Single Leg Deadlift...1 (I actually think these are fun. This is the one exercise in the list for today that I have actually done before. If you have never tried these, look it up and go do it. These remind me somewhat of being in dance when I was little. The balance factor can sometimes throw me off but if you mess up just start over again and enjoy it!)

Cable Facepull...3 (This was a bit weird at first. I was very anxious about these exercises on the cable machine because it is right out in the open. This means that everyone and anyone can watch me do these exercises and I can't go hide in the women's area of the gym. I wasn't too sure if I would really know how to figure these out on my own and then I would just look like a fool trying to do these exercises. After a few times though I think I got it and figured out the weight to use and then it was kindof fun.)

Cable Pull Down Combo...4 (I don't really like this one. Not sure why. Maybe because this one doesn't feel as fluid in the movements. I will still do it but I still have to figure this one out a bit so I am comfortable with it. )

Cable Woodchop...2 (Fun! What could be more fun than feeling like you were pulling something with everything you got and then bringing it across your body and then crushing it to the floor? Ok...not quite but it was an exercise that felt powerful. I could really feel this one and I was dripping with some sweat after I was done too. Nice picture, huh?)

Reach Out...5 (Planks, any variation of planks, anything to do with me holding some of my body weight on the floor with my arms just doesn't equal fun for me. This one wasn't bad and I could do it, even for the time that I was supposed to, but I still have a long ways to go before I will love these types of exercises. It is just a love/hate relationship with these. I really just need to tell my mind that I really do like these and maybe start there first.)

All of this was followed by some great intervals on the elliptical.

Even with all of the above exercises I would have to say that today was more of a mental challenge. I was very anxious about being out in the open today doing some of those exercises. My mind was working overtime thinking...where could I stand so I was still somewhat hidden? what do I do if I can't find the extension that I need and where would I look? do I get a mat to kneel on or just kneel on the floor? what weights do I use? what if someone stares at me? My mind was thinking non-stop because you just don't usually see women using these machines. For some reason it is in our head that we are supposed to use the machines that don't even indicate the weight number or just do cardio of some sort. It is time though to start thinking of the gym as an equal opportunity area and not just the area for the guys to lift and another area for the women to do our thing.

I may not have done everything perfectly, in fact I know I didn't. But, I did it and I am a little bit more confident using these machines. A few weeks ago I would never have done those types of exercises on those machines.

Off to bed. I have an early morning :)

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