Monday, October 17, 2011

It was Birthday Weekend!

Having one child with a birthday is fun. Multiply that by 2 birthdays within 2 days of eachother...more fun!

Sid turned 10 on Friday, October 14th and Quinn turned 4 on Sunday, October 16th.

The birthday whirlwind is not quite over...we still have 2 parties left. One is a little party at day care today for Quinn and then we have a party at a bowling alley in a few weeks for both of the kids. The kids got to celebrate with both sets of grandparents though this year for their birthdays. We had a huge birthday party in Iowa a few weekends ago for 5 people that had birthdays in the family. This past weekend Chris' parents came up to celebrate with the kids too. The kids really treasure the time they have with their grandparents and this was a fun time for them.

One other tradition that we have is putting streamers on the kids' doors the night before their birthday. Some balloons are taped on there too and then we also put up dollar bills in the number of how old the child is. Sidney had 10 $1 bills and they were taped on the door like the number 10. This little tradition is somewhat adapted from when I grew up. We got streamers on our door when we were growing up...I added the balloon part and money. (My mom still does this for those kids that are still at home. I told them of the new additions to this birthday tradition but it doesn't sound like that will be added in the Schild home.)

I was looking for some ideas on how to send out invites for the birthday party through a great website that I have found through and addicting website!). One of the ideas that I saw was the above picture. I just had to try it.

I stopped at a second hand store, found an old (and I mean very old) bulletin board that had some very ugly burlap over it with a printed design. I tore it all apart and painted it black with some chalkboard paint. I did have to sand it down a little bit because of some glue that was holding the burlap on. We wrote with some chalk on the board and then took the photo in our front yard. Chris did a little bit of playing with photoshop and ...ta-da! The picture above is going to be sent to shutterfly today for our invitations to get printed.

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