Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is it ironic?

Seriously...the last post that I wrote was about enjoying the sunshine that we were having.

I really am missing that today! Right now we have over 6 inches on the ground from last weekends snow storm. Then yesterday we had the start of our 2nd storm. At this moment we have the 6 inches on the ground from last weekend, about 9 inches on the ground from yesterday and today and possibly up to 10 more inches after that.

The wind started too and now everything is blowing around. Chris has snowblowed the driveway twice, I shoveled twice yesterday. Right now, you can't tell that either one of us did anything with the snow removal process.

On the happy side of the snow...we were basically snowed in today. I did make it to the gym but as I got out and back to the Jeep there was about 3 to 4 inches of snow around my car. I really didn't work out that long today either. It got bad though from when I left the house to when I came back to the house this morning. It only got worse after that. So, back to the happy...we got snowed in. The kids and I watched a movie and had a moment to make cookies today. We had no other places to go, because we couldn't :), and the kids could just focus on making cookies. They did awesome. They even had a choice to go play with a friend and they wanted to keep working on the cookies. I was pretty excited about that :)

The kids had some fun in the snow too. Our driveway is on the steep side and they love sliding down the driveway on their sleds in to the street. Their snowpants and gloves are still wet from this morning but they had a blast and a really good time making forts and going down "the hill".

Our day tomorrow is going to be filled with even more fun of staying inside. Church is canceled and since we have a ton of snow on the ground and aren't supposed to drive anywhere according to the State of Minnesota...we will be home, at least for the morning. We do have a few places we need to stop at tomorrow with the kiddos. Should be a fun adventure.

Storm of 2010...I see your wrath, I hear your wrath and I can even feel it in my bones. The beach in Puerto Rico is looking oh so good right now :) But, no planes are flying out right now anyways.


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