Friday, December 17, 2010

Best moment of 2010

I saw on Facebook earlier today a question. "What was your best memory from 2010?"

I'm not sure if I can pinpoint just one memory and make it my favorite. What did come to mind though was my goal to lose weight and get in shape. I am very thrilled with my accomplishments with this and so glad that I have been motivated to continue to accomplish this goal.

I wrote a story in November for Teen MOPS about how I no longer wanted the word "obese" associated with my name and who I was. When I saw how my hard work and hours at the gym helped me accomplish that first goal of getting out of that horrible category, I was ecstatic! Growing up I heard the words "but you are tall" over and over again. Just because I am tall for a girl doesn't mean I should be in the obese category. I actually get a little upset when I hear people say that to me. I get upset by the fact that no doctor ever said to me that I should lose weight. And, I was upset with myself that I let myself get to the point where I was.

I do understand though how some people just don't have the desire to help themselves physically. I was at that point and saw no need for exercise. I think that something has to click in your mind before the desire is there. There has to be a motivation and for a long time I didn't have that at all.

So, I wanted to share some stats on my progress.

I do go to the gym about 6 times a week and work out usually in the mornings for at least an hour and on the weekends it can be up to 2 hours. So, these stats aren't just because I eat differently. I work very hard at the gym and my clothes are usually soaked when I get back to the locker room. I actually showed Chris one of my shirts last week after I got back from the gym so he could see how disgusting it was. I don't think seeing that drenched t-shirt was the highlight of his day :)

I did lose about 25 pounds prior to when I started recording this journey. That weight loss happened when I started physical therapy for my hip. I wanted to run and exercise before but my body was in so much pain every minute of the day that I just couldn't do it. I couldn't even get any relief from the pain when I was sleeping until about 2 months after I started my PT. I really wish I would have gone there earlier than I did but I just didn't realize what was wrong or truly how bad my hip and pelvis was from having all the kids.

I started recording the next part of my journey on August 25th of 2010. Here are the stats...
Weight loss from August 25th until December 17th, 2010 = 26.2 pounds (yes, the .2 is important!). I have about 15 to 25 more pounds to lose but a lot depends on what I find to be the right weight for me. I think this next part will be the hardest and the slowest weight loss. The pounds just flew off in the beginning but now I start to see times when I can't seem to lose anything no matter how many calories I burn on the elliptical.
Size of clothes = I'm not saying what size I wear now but I have gone down 3 sizes. I actually have a pair of pants that I bought for choir and the last time I wore them they were pretty loose and I was afraid they were going to fall off of me. I have to wear them again this weekend and it has been another month and a few more inches that are gone off my body...I may have to get some duct tape and pins out. I would like to get down to at least one more size, not sure if my body can get down 2 more sizes.
Hips...I have lost 5.5 inches
Waist...I have lost 6 inches
Arms...I am trying to find muscle in my arms. This is my next get these toned! I have lost 1.5 inches in both of my arms.
Thighs...I have lost 3 inches in both of my thighs.
What I do at the gym...I do cardio every day. I was doing 30 minutes of cardio each day but now I do 40 minutes. I know some people say that you shouldn't do this everyday but this works for me and until I get to my goal this is how I will continue. I also do weight training every day. I rotate between arms, core and legs.

That's my journey! When I reach my next goal (hopefully in the next month) I will post what I have accomplished.

My hope is that my journey will motivate at least one person to start a journey of their own. I hope that my kids will also see and learn from me so they will have healthy lives and futures.

The pictures below are me...first one is what I looked like in July 2009, just about a month after I started physical therapy. The picture below is me again...just a few days ago.

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