Wednesday, September 15, 2010

School has started and so are the activities

School is up and running and I am probably one of the only moms out there that doesn't have the first day of school photos posted on Facebook, a blog or on a photo site somewhere...or e-mailed to all the friends and family that may care a little bit what the kids wore that day. :) I took pictures, they are still on the camera and someday I will put them somewhere :)

Sid is now in 3rd grade! Ahhhhhh. Doesn't that seem old? She loves it, as always. She motivates herself and am sure that she will do great. She already wants to do something in the science fair and already has it figured out. That is Sid. I have no idea when this science fair is but she will probably start working on a poster or something for it this weekend knowing her little personality.

Sid also got her cast off today! Her arm is very itchy right now and there is some stuff...guessing skin...that is coming off in flakes. I guess almost 8 weeks wrapped up will do that to your skin. She still has a few more weeks where she needs to just work on strengthening her arm and bone before she can participate in pe and some other activities where she could fall and most likely break her arm again. The doctor said she was healing really well though and will just be stiff for a few days. I think she was a little self-conscious about how her arm looked earlier because it was kindof flaky. She took a bath to soak her arm a bit and then put on a long sleeved shirt eventhough it was still a bit warm out. She has been a trooper though and very brave!

Micah started Kindergarten. I'm very excited for him and he is already learning quite a bit. He will have a different learning style than Sidney and I can already tell that we will have some challenges with him and school. Right now we are just working on finding that balance...his energy when he comes home is extremely high and is at the point where he is not thinking clearly or using his hands or arms the way he should with his little brother. This is very frustrating and not entirely sure what the next steps will be for him to help remedy this issue. We are trying a few new things to try to help him but I know that we have a long road ahead of us with Micah and school.

Micah has had some homework already (practicing writing his name) and this task alone was extremely frustrating for him as well as for me. He can write his name but he would much rather try to make them look goofy and crazy than do what he is told to do and it didn't matter if I told him once, 5 times or 40 times...he wanted to do what he wanted to do. I don't want him to hate doing homework but he also has to learn that this is what the teacher is asking him to do and he needs to follow those directions.

I have already alerted the school district that Micah may need an IEP because of his vision problems. He has an appointment next week as a check-up and will know more what the current doctor says and if his learning may be impaired at all because of what he can and can not see. Regardless of what they say, I already know that school will be much different for Micah than for Sidney. Micah has made some friends though already and he loves snack time. He also got to visit the library today which he was totally thrilled about. He even told Sid's doctor today that he got to go to the library.

The kids ride the bus to and from school and are doing great with this!

Quinn says that he gets to go to school too...with mommy. Quinn really likes to play Memory games right now and when he wants to see something or learn something new he will come up to me and say, "teach me this". It is just so can I saw no to that :)

We have also started most of our extra activities now that school has started too. The kids started AWANA tonight and had such a great time. Sidney also started American Heritage Girls this week as well. This is a lot like Girl Scouts but with more of a faith-based curriculum and is led by some great ladies. Chris will be starting Mens Fraternity again this week and Teen MOPS hasn't officially started but lots of work has already been done and a lot more to do before the big kick-off on the 28th.

Sometime soon I will get those photos up of the kids sportin' their new outfits for the first day of school :)

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