Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Update on dad...Tuesday, April 6th

Dad is getting moved tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. The move however won't really bring him closer to home...more of a hop and a skip from where he currently is. I think he is still about 2 1/2 to 3 hours away from Fort Dodge where the rest of the family lives...I haven't checked on MapQuest but that is my guess at this point.

Dad will be moving to the hospital in Cedar Rapids that offers continued care.

Dad will be giving me a call after he gets settled in his new room to give me details about where he is exactly. Not sure at this point if he will be moved again prior to when he can come home but this is a start at least to be out of Iowa City.

I haven't talked with mom since this news so I'm not sure how she is doing with this or how he is getting moved...if it is by her or by ambulance.

I will update as I know more!


David said...


Thank you for keeping us informed. Did your dad find the charger for his phone? If so can you see if it okay to call him. Thank you Pastor Dave.

Jessica said...

Hi Pastor Dave,
He does have his charger. I talked with him today. I am sure he would love the calls :) He is now in Cedar Rapids at a hospital there.