Friday, December 4, 2009

The roads are getting icy

Winter is here and it didn't take many days for it to finally get here. We had a snowfall again yesterday and with that came some colder temps and some ice under the snow.

Last night as I was going to bed I was closing the blinds and looking out at the white snow. I had to take a second look though because something just wasn't quite right. I thought what I saw was wrong but I had to just doublecheck with Chris to make sure...I was pretty tired so who knows what I was really seeing.

I came downstairs and asked Chris where he parked his truck. It is usually in the driveway because...well, the precious motorcycle is taking up a good portion of his side of the garage (and the double stroller, the other stroller and about a thousand toys that accumulate). He said he put his truck in the driveway. Legally, his statement was true. His truck was in the driveway but I was pretty sure it was just in part of the driveway. The other part of the truck was in the road. He looked outside and...yep, that was not where he parked his truck.

So, our driveway is a great sledding hill. I guess it is now not just for the kids though. Our vehicles have decided to take a turn at sledding. I didn't tell them the rules though and they went in the road without asking.

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