Sunday, December 20, 2009

Different reactions

I have a couple things that I want to write about but the first is the reason why I haven't had a chance to write about them.

I got usual sickness...bronchitis. I got this about a month ago and will probably get it again. My lungs are just weak and once I get a cold it just immediately goes to my lungs. I have tried a lot of things to stop this from happening and am working hard at paying more attention to my needs and not focus on everyone else all the time. A lot of keeping me healthy is just preventative stuff and I can do some of it but sometimes I just can't always do it all and then I start coughing.

After I got sick then Quinn started coughing. He had a pretty bad cough for awhile and I thought he probably had bronchitis too or pneumonia. Chris took him to the Dr. one day about a week ago and his lungs were fine but he did have an ear infection. He was up a few times those nights so that does make sense but you know, hindsight is 20/20.

On Thursday this past week I went to go work out, came home and was getting the kids up and ready for the day. It was a very normal day and Quinn was a little restless that night before but he is a very touchy feely kid so that is somewhat normal for him compared to the rest of our kids. I went to go change him and I unzipped his PJ's and his tummy was full of red dots and blotches. I knew right away that he was allergic to his medication that he was taking for his ear infection...I just didn't realize how this would effect our days and nights ahead of us. The Dr. wanted to see him to verify that this was the case and was. Chris got to take him to this wonderful appointment and I truthfully needed a break from holding him so it was good for him to be with Chris for a little bit.

Quinn has been covered in red dots and blotches now for 4 days. We finally have the ones on his tummy going away but all the other parts of his body are covered. I thought maybe his face would be spared but Friday afternoon a few dots started and now he looks a little bit like a raccoon...his eyes are just all swollen, his ears are all red, his neck is red on the front and back and today his feet are the big itchy culprits. His little hands and feet are all swollen today too and he tries to say "hurts" when he is itching. Quinn has been scratching so much that he has even bruised himself quite a bit on his stomach and his legs.

Our nights have been very restless. I have basically had Quinn laying on top of me...that was the best way to have him not scratch his tummy anymore...or I have been holding him while we have been sitting in the family room. Chris has taken his turns too but Quinn does prefer his mommy :)

We did have him playing a little bit today so I am hoping that the word "fun" will be put back into our day real soon.

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