Friday, January 9, 2009


There are a few things that I always seem to wait until the last minute on...bills (I hate doing bills and that is why it is now back to one of Chris' responsibilities), figuring out what we are eating for supper and going to the doctor for myself.

Yesterday, my lungs were at the point where they hurt and it was a struggle to try to catch my breath as I was coughing. I was supposed to go to Bible study that night but instead, I went to see the doctor. I don't have a regular doctor...just haven't had a need to after all the kids were born. The only time I get sick is...well, now, or as the weather changes from nice to cold. The change in the temperature or something in the air just attacks my lungs and I have a hard time in those seasons. Last time I felt like this was at Easter last year. I was actually a lot worse last year than I was yesterday but I knew if I waited another day or two, I would be at the same point as Easter.

So, I was at the point that I knew I should finally get in to the doctor otherwise I was going to have a really hard day at work watching 8 kids today. Luckily, we have a place called FastCare at Shopko where the visits are cheap, fast and are open late. The doctor said that I was having bronchial spasms which was making it seem like I couldn't catch my breath...because I couldn't until everything decided to calm itself down.

The doctor gave me an inhaler and some medicine to hopefully get over this illness that I have gotten. I really was feeling fine except getting a little tired and just couldn't stop coughing. About 15 minutes after I used the inhaler, I was able to take a deep breath without coughing.

Today, I am doing much better. I am still coughing but at least it is controlled today and isn't making my chest feel tight. I have never had to use an inhaler before but have given one to Sidney many times when she was little. I now understand what she must have felt like and am so glad that we were able to help her get the breaths that she needed when she was little.

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