Monday, January 26, 2009

A Day Care Monday

I have always wanted to write how many diapers I change on a day care day and just put it down on paper. I didn't add them up today but I wanted to share my first 3 hours of day care fun that I had today.

My day starts with kids at 7:30 am and sometimes goes until 6:00 PM or later. My "break" that I have is usually between 1:45 pm to about 2:15 pm. This time lets me get all my paperwork done for the day, answer phone calls, eat and clean up the kitchen and table where all the kids ate.

At 8:10am, I fed the first baby.
Get Sid's stuff ready and get her out the door with Chris so she can catch the bus by 8:18 am.
At 8:30am, baby was done with his bottle and pooped through his pants. Change that baby and all of his clothes. Get all the kids down to the day care room...usually by 8:30am.
Go over letters, day of the week, weather outside and other fun things for a few minutes. 9:00am, start changing diapers before round 1 of naps.
9:15am, start to get 2 babies down for their naps.
While I was doing this process, a preschooler decided to draw on one of our walls with a dry erase marker. (the drawing is still currently on our wall)
9:30am, check on the babies...are they asleep yet?
9:40am, get bigger kids to start picking up the day care room.
9:45am, preschooler pees her pants (we are potty training...first day in big girl pants).
9:50am, remind bigger kids to keep picking up and continue to change the preschooler, wash hands, put wet clothes away, etc.
10:00am, everyone gets hand sanitizer!!!! napkins passed out and snacks passed out
10:10am, story read while kids eat
10:15ish am, craft started. Depending on the craft this could take 10 minutes or could take 20 minutes.
10:30/10:40 ish am, coloring and/or painting. Today was coloring.
Somewhere in there I changed 2 other diapers, ate something fast for breakfast and went up or down a flight of stairs about 15 times (we have a 2-story house so that would be from the basement to main floor or main floor to 2nd floor...usually about 16 stairs in one flight)

That was about 3 hours...only about 7 hours more :)


The Gatzke Family said...

Wow! What a day! Some days I look out our window and I say a prayer for you - now I'll pray for you more often! You are absolutely amazing!

Cori said...

I sure hope you are getting paid well, because you are doing an awesome job!!

weiss said...

Wow Jessica!! What's your secret how do you have all that energy!! Kailtyn still talks about you. We have such happy memories of your house. Let me know if you ever need a reference. She's doing well with school and is reading!! What worked well for our house is those Magic Erasers but be careful they are pretty powerful- they can take paint off too- we used them to get marker and crayon off the walls.