Sunday, November 30, 2008

Guitar Hero Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we had my family up for this holiday. We alternate every year which family we will be celebrating with and we had the Schild's this year.

I love the Almond Struedel and the rolls the Terri Winchell used to make...from scratch each year. Now, see, just because it is the Schild year for Thanksgiving, that didn't mean it was always just the Schild's in the house. My mom would invite anyone over that needed a place to go for the holiday. We had another family join us each year, The Winchell's, as well as a few other of my moms friends. Over the years, some of these families have moved but there seems to always be another family in it's place. The Winchell's moved way up to Minnesota a few years ago and since then, Thanksgivings just haven't been quite the same. I had to try to keep up some of the tradition though that they started in our house and learn to make Almond Strudel. I learned and actually make a really great one!

This year we had my mom, dad, 3 sisters and 2 brothers and my grandpa up for the feast. They arrived on Wednesday night, hung out for a little bit and then we went to their hotel and swam in the pool. This is a highlight for the kids and they truly love this! Thursday, I cooked practically all day and we had a great meal. In the evening, my brother, his wife and daughter came over for some pie and some fun. We got out the Guitar Hero and we all sang and played a few tunes. We even had some prizes for whoever did the best in each round.

There are a few pics above to show us in action!

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