Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quinn's new moves

Quinn has started to look more and more like a gopher. He is constantly scooting up to things and then perches himself on his knees so he can either look at something that is a little higher or grab at something. Our coffee table will need some protection on it soon from Quinn so he doesn't dent it with his head.

He also had his well check on Friday and he is the third kid so I can't remember every little detail about him anymore but I do remember this...he isn't quite 21 pounds yet but very close (he is 20 lbs and some ounces but can't remember the number. It is in the teens though). He is less than 30 inches long...again, can't quite remember the exact number and I haven't measured him again to find out for sure what the number is. I do know that he is in the 25% for his weight and the 25% for his height. He is in the 50% for his head size. The doctor also compared the other kids to him at this stage and said that the other kids at 12 months were about 2 pounds heavier than him and almost 2 inches taller than him. So, he will probably be our shorter child.

I like to say what the kids are wearing at the time of their birthdays too just to help me remember how little they were.
At 1 year, Quinn is wearing 12 month shirts and 9 or 12 month pants. The 12 month fall off of him sometimes and as you can see from his length...his lower part of his body is not that tall so some 9 month pants still fit him just fine. He hates socks and pulls them off as soon as you put them on. He has worn shoes once so I truly have no idea what size of shoe he wears.
Sid is wearing a size 7 in shirts mostly. We still have some 6x shirts that fit her but her tummy shows on a few of them. A belly shirt in October in Minnesota isn't really a good idea right now, especially since she went to school today with her winter coat, gloves and a hat on. For pants, she is ready to grow out of the 6x's. That size is just getting to be a little too short. She has such a flat tummy though that the 7's are just a little bit too big. She wears socks all the time but doesn't always put her clothes where they belong after she wears them.

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