Friday, July 4, 2008

Lake, Camera, Fireworks!

Tonight was the big to do of fireworks! Happy 4th of July everyone!

We had a fun day today just relaxing around the house. The kids played in the slip n' slide, we sprayed eachother with the hoses, got all wet and just had some fun. We played some Mario Cart as well and the kids are really getting good at it.

Right before we were going to leave to see the fireworks, Chris started to not feel very well. I took off for Silver Lake with the kids and we found a great parking spot and started walking towards the water. Usually, there are tons of places to sit to watch the fireworks. But, Rochester is doing some sort of renovation project on Silver Lake so most of the areas from the sidewalk down to the water was fenced off. There were people sitting right next to the road (like we were) and other people were actually sitting in the road. There were tons of people actually in the road. Definately a lack of seating this year but they made up for it by the fireworks. The show was really good! The finale is always a blast and it just lights up the sky as if it is day light.

At the beginning, Micah turned to me and said that this was the best thing he has ever seen. Sidney said, "Thank you mom for bringing us to this."

Quinn wasn't quite sure at first what to think of the loud noises. Silly mom, I brought his formula but forgot his bottles. He did fine though and actually fell asleep halfway through the show. I don't know how he stayed asleep throughout the really loud parts but he did.

Micah got really tired about halfway through and wanted to sit on my lap so I held him and Quinn on my lap.

Sidney got cold. She was wearing pants and a short sleeve shirt. We brought along long sleeve shirts to wear over our clothes too. I gave her the long sleeve shirt she picked out and told her to put that on, meaning put it on over your other shirt. I look back over a minute later and she didn't have a shirt on. So, we had to discuss why we don't take off our clothes in public :)

We got home around 11:30 pm...the kids all asleep in the car.

Hope you all had a great 4th!

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