Friday, June 13, 2008

Comment from a single lady

Tonight, we celebrated Father's Day. We usually go out to eat on Friday night but our dining establishment is normally something like Baker's Square. We classed it up a little bit tonight and took everyone to the fam to Timberlodge. This was probably one of our favorite places a few years ago...when we didn't have 3 kids :)

We set into our routine as we always do when we go out to eat. The kids had their crayons...they have to have the same colors and the same amount of crayons otherwise someone will be upset. They also had their paper to color from the restaurant. The kids started to figure out what they wanted to eat and quickly made a decision. Sid wanted water. Micah wanted chocolate milk. (Can you see just from those comments that they are completely opposite?)

I started to feed Quinn, figured out what I wanted to eat and also helped keep the kids in check while Chris helped Micah figure out what he was going to eat and also himself. Besides a few sparks of loudness, the kids were doing pretty well. It was a new environment for them and they mostly wondered why they had two forks.

During our meal, our waitress (Pam, by the way, is probably one of the best waitresses that we have ever had, ever!) told us that a lady next to us wanted to take our baby home. The people sitting across from us also said that Quinn was cute. There was an older lady kiddy-corner from us that just kept looking over and smiling. Then...the lady next to us came over as she was leaving. She thanked us, as a single lady, for having such good kids in the restaurant.

On a totally different note...Sidney drank juice yesterday. I can't say that she really liked it because she didn't finish her lemonade but that is probably the first time she has had juice in 3 years. All she drinks is milk and water and she has refused to try juice or pop. One small step for Sidney.

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