Saturday, May 24, 2008

Deck and garden & Quinn

I am sore today from working in our garden. I worked on tilling the garden today and the soil was really tough! I am glad we don't have a bigger garden. Next year, we will be renting a tiller again because I am not going to do that by hand again.

As I was digging up our soil, our neighbor came out with their tiller and tilled their entire garden in about 30 minutes. They have a HUGE garden that is the length of about half of our backyard.

Chris worked on the deck and got all of the deck boards on. We just have the railing and stairs left and it will be done. Some of our landscaping will be done later since things have already started growing. It already looks a lot better. The kids even came out yesterday with their "tools" and helped hammer in the Sid said.

Biggest news of the day...Quinn rolled over! And, Chris and I both missed it. Sidney was watching him while we were outside for a little bit and she came to the patio door to tell us. I laid him on the floor on his back before I went back outside and I looked and he was on his tummy.

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